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DSPs (Digital Signal Processors)

BARE – DAM-808

DAM-808 is a digital automatic mixer based on digital signal processing technology with 8 MIC / LINE inputs and 4 outputs. Can work in automatic mixing mode or ordinary manual mixing mode. It adopts all-digital method to realize automatic mixing, and uses digital signal processing technology to adjust and compensate the audio signal. At the same time, because the device has a built-in microprocessor and has an RS232 control interface, it is very convenient to connect with various central control devices. AM816 automatic mixer has high intelligence, strong signal processing function, friendly control interface, very simple to use, and can be used in teaching, conferences, churches, entertainment programs and other occasions.

  • 24bitA / D, D / A converter, 44.1kHz sampling frequency
  • 8 balanced inputs, switchable to LINE / PHM / MIC (line / MIC phantom power / MIC no phantom power) three input methods, EURBLOCK terminal
  • 4 line balanced outputs, EURBLOCK terminal,
  • Equipped with 4 Dante outputs
  • 8 input channels each have 3 segments of parametric equalization, signal level meter and other processing modules
  • Built-in 8 × 4 output mixer, the mix ratio of 8 input signal components in 4 output channels can be adjusted independently
  • Manual and automatic mixing modes
  • When mixing manually, each input signal can be arbitrarily assigned to each output with different proportions
  • During automatic mixing, you can set the connected microphones to have only one or two to three microphones on at the same time, and automatically turn off when not talking. In the automatic mixing mode, the system also implements the following functions to ensure the implementation of automatic mixing.
  • ▲ FORCE ON and FORCE OFF functions—Forcibly turning MIC on or off
  • ▲ VIP setting function-with priority microphone to ensure the orderly conduct of the conference
  • ▲ LAST MIC ON function—Keep a MIC on to pick up the background noise of the room
  • ▲ NOMA function ~ Automatically adjust the output level of the system according to the number of MICs turned on, which will not increase the output gain of the system due to the superposition of input levels, and effectively suppress the formation of acoustic feedback
  •  Multiple sets of factory or user parameter presets
  • LCD screen character display, intuitive and concise
  • With computer control interface, easy field adjustment
  • Basic functions can be set through the panel or running related configuration software
  • Input and output signals on the panel are five-segment LED level meters with a range of +6, 0, -10, -20, -40dB, etc.
  • Four output channels are designed with 9-band graphic equalization, 24dB / oct roll-off high-pass and low-pass filters, signal compressors and limiters, and output level meters and other processing modules
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