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Audio Routing Matrix Switches

Audiocenter – Artist T88D

The Artist T88D is a powerful 8×8 audio matrix. It adopts a high-performance 24-bit AD/DA converter with a 32-bit floating-point arithmetic chip to deliver premium sound performance. It has 8 channels of analogue inputs and 8 channels analogue outputs, with both microphone and line input. It also supports 4*4 Dante network audio, and includes AFC/AEC/ANC (AEC and ANC are optional), auto mixing, matrix mixing, equalizer, crossover, and limiting by DSP to deliver clear, dynamic sound.

Artist T88D is extremely versatile. It can be linked with a laptop by USB port, and with RS-232, RS-485, or TCP/IP protocol for third-party control. All functions can be configured through the computer software of the Windows system, and can be controlled via wall panel or the mobile phone app (Android). Cameras can be connected and controlled by sound. Users can recall the different scenes and applications from the wall panel. A password can be set for protection.

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