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Dante Domain Manager Marketing Resources

Dante Domain Manager is network management software that enables user authentication, role-based security and audit capabilities for Dante networks, while allowing seamless expansion of Dante systems over any network infrastructure. Dante Domain Manager brings IT best practices to AV, making audio networking more secure, more scalable and more controllable than ever before.

By promoting Dante Domain Manager to your customers and including it in new proposals, you are not only solving their AV management challenges, but you are also providing a long-term source of revenue for your company as they renew their maintenance contracts each year.

To make it easier for you to generate leads and sell Dante Domain Manager, we’re providing the marketing material and product information you’ll want for advertising, email campaigns, sales presentations and more – all in one place! These resources are all available inside the Reseller Portal as well.

  • Case Studies – show your prospects Dante Domain Manager installations in action
  • Application Diagrams – 12 venues with analog, Dante and Dante Domain Manager views
  • Advertising Templates – Customizable email and banner ad templates
  • Thought Leadership Articles – published articles on the current and future state of AV networking
  • Messaging – Messaging guide and key messages of various lengths for advertising and presentations
  • Product Images – Screen shots of the software and monitors with various interface screens
  • Collateral – data sheets, case studies and thought leadership articles
  • Logos – Dante Domain Manager, Authorized Reseller, Dante, and Audinate
  • Videos – Links to hosted product information and case studies as well as some downloadable versions
  • User guides – Link to user documentation found in the Support Portal


Dante Domain Manager logo

Case Studies with Dante Domain Manager

These case studies show how AV & IT Managers and commercial integrators are leading the industry with Dante Domain Manager.



Case Studies in Video and Print

Application Diagrams

Demonstrate how Dante and Dante Domain Manager can simplify and manage AV environments, for everything from a single video conference room to a stadium. Include them in presentations or provide them as leave-behinds.

Advertising Templates

Generate new leads by using customizable email and banner ad templates.

Email templates

Thought Leadership Articles

Your prospects are interested in the state of the industry. Help them stay up-to-date by providing these published articles on the current and future state of AV networking.
See the entire collection of AV networking articles

Audio networking thought leadership article


The Dante Domain Manager Marketing Messaging Guide provides you with simple but effective messaging to use with customers, including a value proposition, an elevator pitch, and supporting messages.

Product Images

Show prospects how easy it is to manage users, create device groups, create custom dashboards and more with screen shots of Dante Domain Manager’s intuitive interface.

Dante Domain Manager Product Image


Print out these materials to hand out at events or leave behind after sales calls. You can also email to interested prospects or as meeting follow-ups.

DDM Case Study



Dante Domain Manager Authorized Reseller Logo




Dante Spoken Here








Audinate has a wide selection of videos to help you explain what Dante Domain Manager is, how it works, and who’s using it. The Case Studies include testimonials from a medical center, a zoo and aquarium, a stadium and a large performing arts center.


Product Videos




 – An In-Depth Look at Dante Domain Manager YouTube
 – Dante Domain Manager Overview YouTube Download
 – Benefits for IT Managers YouTube Download
 – Benefits for Integrators YouTube Download
 – Dante Domain Manager in Higher Education YouTube Download
Dante Domain Manager Video
Look Inside Dante Domain Manager




 – Installing Dante Domain Manager YouTube
 – Creating Domains YouTube Download
 – Adding Users to Domains YouTube Download
 – Enrolling Devices into Domains YouTube Download
 – The Dashboard: Monitoring & Auditing YouTube Download
Dante Domain Manager - Adding Users (video thumbnail)
Case Studies with Dante Domain Manager




These video case studies show how AV & IT Managers and commercial integrators are leading the industry with Dante Domain Manager. See individual listings above Download
Braintrust Case Study
NetworkedAV TV




Audinate’s video series features interviews with AV professionals and real-world projects that utilize Dante audio networking. View series on Audinate.com
NetworkedAV TV

Product User Guides

The DDM Support page will provide links to download the DDM software (ISO), the latest product documentation and other related material.

Go to DDM Support








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