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Dante Mastery Class, Technician

Start Date: Tuesday, 16 July 2024 9:00 AM (GMT+0000) United Kingdom Time

End Date: Friday, 19 July 2024 5:00 PM (GMT+0000) United Kingdom Time

Future Business Centre, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge, UK

This Dante Mastery class is a 4-day long, in-person, hands-on class for lead technical engineers supporting Dante systems.

This class is approved for 32.0 CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I RU credits with the AVIXA Certification Committee.

Course description

This Dante Mastery class is a 4-day long, in-person, hands-on class for lead technical engineers supporting Dante systems.  Participants must have completed Dante Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Second Edition) before attending this class.

Some may think of this as a “Dante Certification Level 4” class.  However, while the Dante Certification Program attempts to teach concepts on how things work, Mastery class is all about putting those skills in practice with hands-on exercises.

Some exercises will have students build things correctly.  Others will intentionally stretch or break the systems in a variety of ways, so that students learn what the symptoms of the problems are and can recognize them more readily when in the field.  The class will also teach a methodical approach to troubleshooting Dante networks, and have students apply that repeatedly.

The class exercises will begin with students setting up a small network on their desk.  We then link all classroom networks together, revealing challenges in network management and device organization.

Students learn to optimize their switch for Dante traffic.  The instructor will demonstrate the installation of Dante Domain Manager, after which students will secure their system by enrolling devices into domains.  The various systems will be clocked together, and content will be shared between them.  Finally, students will set up routers in their switches to produce a Layer 3 network, and the Dante devices will adjust to span that network.

The class will conclude with both multiple choice and hands-on tests, recreating everything we learned in the class.

What to Bring

You’ll want to bring your macOS 11/12/13, or Windows 10/11 laptop.  The laptop should have:

  • an RJ45 wired Ethernet port or bring a dock/adapter that adds the port.
  • an additional USB-A or USB-C port to receive an AVIO adapter we’ll provide.
  • the latest version of Dante Controller installed.


Audinate will provide morning snacks and a proper lunch each day.  Audinate will also host a class dinner one evening.

Parking and check-in

Parking at the office is free but will require a parking pass. The parking pass will be provided upon check in at the reception desk of the building. All attendees must check in at the reception desk on the ground floor before heading upstairs to the classroom.


There are two main hotels that Audinate staff and visitors stay at while in Cambridge. The first is Hilton Fellow’s House, a very nice hotel close to the Cambridge City Center. Cambridge is very walkable, and this hotel provides easy access to the city center restaurants and pubs. The hotel is about 3km from the location of the class. You can either walk to the class or take a taxi/uber.

The second hotel is Novotel Cambridge North. This hotel is closer to the location of the class, and it is next to the Cambridge North train station which is convenient for travelers coming in from outside of Cambridge. However, this hotel is further from the city center for things like dinners, pubs, and nightlife.

Use the contact form to ask questions about this class. Select “Training” under Reason for Contact.


Certified Technology Specialists can now submit their certificates of completion for this class to the independent AVIXA Certification Committee.

Location: Cambridge, UK
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